Www.freightpad.com or world cargo

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www.freightpad.com is now stealing from customers under the name world cargo. The owner Stone has been kicked of every shipping site in the United States. As soon as people find out he is stealing under the name World Cargo and has been sued again. He will change the name. He used to scam people that he owned www.worldcargo.com a freight insurace company he ran out of his basement.

Do not be scamed from www.freightpad.com or world cargo.

He told me my shipment was 275.00 and after I gave World Cargo my credit card they charged me 625.00 saying I told them the wrong weight of my shipment. I called the carrier to find out they never weighed my shipment but Stone used this as a way to make more money for himself.



What was your BOL number, PRO number? Post it here for everyone to see if you are telling the truth or not.


would somebody just please follow through with a lawsuit and stop this ***!


"stone"....what a joke. is that what he's calling himself now.....he thinks he looks like stone cold steve but he will always be shannon steede!!!

Freightpad.com SCAM REVIEW: uShip

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Nice to see this online about uShip and the scams they try and hide. Large amount of data but worth the read! This is a re-post from Freightpad and not sure where they got it but man, what a scary list of issues on uship.


Since uShip.com is encouraging anyone who has a vehicle to broker and transport loads, there runs several critical issues that effect each and every American.

SAFETY: US Government has put in place safeguards to protect our highways by means of transporters being trained, licensed, inspected and free from criminal history. Doing this ensures our highways are safe to travel with or families without the dangers associated with an underskilled, uninsured, uninspected or overloaded vehicle. uShip does not require that to be part of the enrollment process. This allows those hazards to be on our road in record numbers.

TAXES: The issue of "Tax Evasion" is coupled around the first issue of safety. If an illegal transporter is booking loads on uShip they rightly cannot or would not claim the income on taxes. Who pays for our schools of they don't? Who pays for our Police and roads? Not these people. With uShip allowing transporters NOT to be licensed, The rest of us are covering the burden of taxes that uShip allows thousands of illegal transporters not to pay.

uShip Feedback

http://to.ly/7wJs None of the "Terms and Conditions" sent after they left to pick it up were fulfilled by shipper. Unprofessional @uship about 3 hours ago via web

NEVER CALLED ME, NEVER EMAILED ME, NEVER SHOWED UP TO PICK UP MY 3 CATS ... STOLE $150 FRO ME VIA PAYPAL http://to.ly/7wJk @uship #scam about 3 hours ago via web

BUYER BEWARE HE IS A #SCAMMER DO NOT USE! uShip #scam again http://to.ly/7wJi about 3 hours ago via web

It's to bad there has to be thief's like this guy!! #stole money. Uship has to help police this a little better! http://to.ly/7wJf about 3 hours ago via web

ThePriorty Another 'fake' company on UShip.Com. Takes money & disappears! 80% savings & FEEDBACK rated! wemoveit4you on uship.com http://shar.es/mK3XY about 18 hours ago via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 1 other

ThePriorty Read 'Neg' feedback. 99% of carriers operate illegally on UShip.Com. BILETI CREATIVE LLC IN CANTON, MI on uship.com http://shar.es/mKXRP about 18 hours ago via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 1 other

ThePriorty Business name? JoeMartin71 ONLY on UShip.Com! Read feedback www.uship.com/profile/joemartin71/ about 18 hours ago via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 1 other

ThePriorty The driver was driving #stolen #Penske truck? Read 2nd 'Neg' feedback! Only on USHIP Fox Lane Furniture on uship.com http://shar.es/mK312 about 18 hours ago via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 1 other

ThePriorty Profile link to thief of previous post. FEEDBACK on fly-by-night Carriers gets U what? http://www.uship.com/profile/Firstimpressionmover/ about 17 hours ago via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 1 other

ThePriorty GOOGLE this phrase: site:uship.com "Uship feedback negative rating" About 7,740 results (0.29 seconds) about 17 hours ago via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 1 other

ThePriorty See "Feedback Left" firemedic111thunder on uship.com http://t.co/A0izUiL cost me 100's / basically a *** artist. DO NOT TRUST AT ALL!!!!! about 17 hours ago via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 1 other

ThePriorty AWESOME FEEDBACK!! loadrunners on uship.com http://t.co/pyAUYLL about 16 hours ago via Tweet Button Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 1 other

http://to.ly/7wHD highly motivated to get a $250 deposit and fell off the map afterward, first slowly then quickly another @uship #scammer about 3 hours ago via web

http://to.ly/7wHy I would not use these guys to carry my car keys let alone a bike, car or boat. @uship #scam another poor #victim about 3 hours ago via web

#illegal @uship no insurance. Driver was in an accident while in transit which caused damage to the boat and trailer http://to.ly/7wHu about 3 hours ago via web

http://to.ly/7wHp Cell phone disconnected. Have tried to contact by cell and email and no response. Sent 1/2 payment as deposit @uship #scam about 4 hours ago via web

http://to.ly/7wHo My Motorcycle was badly damaged. His driver stole my helmet. Beginning the process of a law suit. @uship #scam #victim about 4 hours ago via web

mcnutbikes11 on uship.com http://t.co/68RCz8d When he arrived, smoky was so scarred and wet from rain and pee. I wanted to cry. @uship #scam about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

deucester on uship.com http://t.co/bB9TYQM WARNING! DO NOT USE THIS SHIPPER. The most unprofessional people I've have ever dealt with. Lied about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

APtransportsolutionsInc on uship.com http://t.co/IpsR4fx A MAJOR THIEF, who stole US$100 upon pick up about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

Juliehurtado on uship.com http://t.co/luOsivE DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE PROVIDER!!!! THEY HAVE NOT RETURNED THE $500! I filed a dispute @uShip about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

@MarissaMK Are you aware that your shopping and golf clubs are paid for by scammer on @uship? read through the feedback. Sleep tight @kegs about 4 hours ago via web

boston on uship.com http://t.co/Rl4rJVc They not only did not show on moving day, they refused to answer emails and phone calls about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

bufandcc on uship.com http://t.co/X3zvWQs Very poor communicator. Driver no-showed three times; about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

suehadams on uship.com http://t.co/yFekwEP My experience with these movers was absolutely terrible! @uship #scam about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

Harleys on uship.com http://t.co/Ys4xjXY WARNING:DONT DO IT!!"VERY HIGH RISK" Shipper is well practiced with lots of excuses,and stories about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

apr911sc2004 on uship.com http://t.co/4kMrurc You gotta read the comments for yourself. about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

March on uship.com http://t.co/jL4tmC9 WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!!!!!! There is so much negative information about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

mansi on uship.com http://t.co/tNOqN37 o man!! the guy was ridiculous. he picks up 11.30 at night without informing about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

Got a beef with @uship? (512) 773-7646 Google voice line for MattChasen (sure it is a dummy account) for a dummy person about 4 hours ago via web

hkauto on uship.com http://t.co/nBSecJz 38 scams and counts of #illegal transporting and counting. @uship loves #scammers 1,286,719,940,000.00 via Tweet Button

"youcall we haul trucking" on uship.com http://t.co/9tkZGGY NO DOT license, another #illegal #trucker on @uship 122 #scams to date 1,286,719,862,000.00 via Tweet Button

Luzerne Super Service on uship.com http://t.co/RltD6cG Illegal shipping company. 665 loads not licensed DOT and tax evader 1,286,719,765,000.00 via Tweet Button]

allenbre on uship.com http://t.co/7ShB6Tp driver abandoned the shipment at a super 8 hotel in the middle of God's country 1,286,719,646,000.00 via Tweet Button

firemedic111thunder on uship.com http://t.co/A0izUiL cost me hundreds and is basically a *** artist. DO NOT TRUST AT ALL!!!!! 1,286,719,605,000.00 via Tweet Button

Acode410 on uship.com http://t.co/iaHdFwT stole the deposit and did not deliver. Am pursuing legal action! 1,286,719,572,000.00 via Tweet Button

DaddyMagic on uship.com http://t.co/ZJKy3L6 nothing from them. My PayPal deposit has not been refunded either. 1,286,719,554,000.00 via Tweet Button

tmearig on uship.com http://t.co/tctj6cK refund was only $538. I'm still awaiting the remaining $712 1,286,719,527,000.00 via Tweet Button

loadrunners on uship.com http://t.co/c1HgNNA I was in no hurry for shipping, but after 2 months they cancelled. waiting for my $200 refund 1,286,719,492,000.00 via TweetButton

alick51 on uship.com http://t.co/etENgcY I gave the shipper a $400 deposit. I want my deposit back. @uship #scam 1,286,719,399,000.00 via Tweet Button

lschristy on uship.com http://t.co/kWCvCuG Lease on my apartment is over tomorrow and I have non-refundable tickets to fly to my new home 1,286,719,333,000.00 via TweetButton

dc601 on uship.com http://t.co/6P9mhAN said you would refund my $600 three times now. Please do so. 9 weeks is plenty of time 1,286,719,304,000.00 via Tweet Button

firemedic111thunder on uship.com http://t.co/Ci4Ab54 This cost me hundreds and is basically a *** artist. DO NOT TRUST AT ALL!!!!! 1,286,719,278,000.00 via Tweet Button

Acode410 on uship.com http://t.co/t97Lzjw stole the deposit and did not deliver. Am pursuing legal action! 1,286,719,241,000.00 via Tweet Button

@uship showed up with my motorcycle uncovered on an open trailer with a big ding in the side it http://www.uship.com/profile/allysonmihalko/ 1,286,719,211,000.00 via web

"DON'T USE, WILL LET YOU DOWN TOO! HE REALLY MESSED US!Beware http://to.ly/7vPX @uship scammer read about the #victims 1,286,719,153,000.00 via web

MILWAUKEECONNECTIONS on uship.com http://t.co/BiA6ACi Member made significant misrepresentations regarding pick up and delivery 1,286,719,042,000.00 via Tweet Button

jm202 on uship.com http://t.co/FhTXQkP I got scammed. Took my $400 and never picked up items for delivery. Still have not received refund 1,286,719,018,000.00 via Tweet Button

bilybobj on uship.com http://t.co/wYSwnAY this guy is a criminal he has stollen everyones stuff. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth. 1,286,718,990,000.00 via Tweet Button

JEJGEOMAN on uship.com http://t.co/NaIivhX Beware This shipper picked up expensive antiques for me in mid-May and has not contacted me since 1,286,718,974,000.00 via Tweet Button

lmp1982 on uship.com http://t.co/n8PLWGW I contacted this shipper immediately after accepting his bid. Failed to reply even after 6,7 emails 1,286,718,940,000.00 via Tweet Button

CareyWindler on uship.com http://t.co/iaZoTOP Member failed to communicate and never followed up on the bid. Very unsatisfying! 1,286,718,245,000.00 via Tweet Button

ladyinmatthews on uship.com http://t.co/uoKvxMZ Very frustrating experience and I would never use him or USHIP again 1,286,718,214,000.00 via Tweet Button

MoonU2 on uship.com http://t.co/OBq80DA Positively the most horrendous experience anyone would want to go thru! 1,286,718,193,000.00 via Tweet Button

centex906 on uship.com http://t.co/mRWEbg9 Took my money and never did the shipment. 1,286,718,176,000.00 via Tweet Button

eseigner on uship.com http://t.co/SGNOY64 I didn't get my stuff despite paying for the shipment. 1,286,718,163,000.00 via Tweet Button

rgrbruce on uship.com http://t.co/eUkOII5 Failed to get back to me. Received email on 6/17/06 stating medical problems caused delay 1,286,718,131,000.00 via Tweet Button

mylehidavid on uship.com http://t.co/Y3TtydN Company went out of business and I am trying to get my deposit back. 1,286,718,082,000.00 via Tweet Button

guastchris on uship.com http://t.co/Sf4O8u8 He went out of business and I don't know how to get back a $450 deposit. Basically a nightmare. 1,286,718,069,000.00 via Tweet Button

ericcunningham on uship.com http://t.co/FLOW3sA they have gone out of business. I will be trying to get my deposit back 1,286,718,056,000.00 via Tweet Button

uship.com http://t.co/4eMzB9P said he didn't care if I tried to sue him. Now the website has folded and cell phone # disconnected. 1,286,718,033,000.00 via Tweet Button

tessam on uship.com http://t.co/VN9Nq04 went out of business with no warning. I never heard from him again after paying my $450 1,286,717,997,000.00 via Tweet Button

SHIPMAG on uship.com http://t.co/HkRuqtr RIPPED ME OFF MY DEPOSIT , NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION OF SHIPPING OUR GOODS TOTAL FRAUD BEWARE! 1,286,717,968,000.00 via Tweet Button

garykryt on uship.com http://t.co/C8sMlWU Paid deposit and cannot contact transporter by phone? Need my shipment moved immediately 1,286,717,953,000.00 via Tweet Button

prosp64 on uship.com http://t.co/gzyj9LV cancelled after communicating directly – did not feel comfortable moving forward. 1,286,717,917,000.00 via Tweet Button

joetena on uship.com http://t.co/WsKzo3q Cancellation is due to service provider misrepresented themselves 1,286,717,867,000.00 via Tweet Button

nowshipping2 on uship.com http://t.co/aotMghn The phone number of the driver on my contract was disconnected. I was very disappointed. 1,286,717,839,000.00 via Tweet Button

babcockships on uship.com http://t.co/Na0INIp Customer feels I misrepresented my business and/or services 1,286,717,817,000.00 via Tweet Button

avm trucking on uship.com http://t.co/jFwNsTt a low life i would not trust to ship a ford pinto 1 mile poor communication 1,286,717,782,000.00 via Tweet Button

pekindealer on uship.com http://t.co/c6g4Lgn go with this guy if you like being jerked around 1,286,717,748,000.00 via Tweet Button

tcalanni on uship.com http://t.co/9PtXM0P Items delivered with damage to every piece Beware! 1,286,673,714,000.00 via Tweet Button

kenzlin0713 on uship.com http://t.co/9GR1PO0 The owner lied, demanded more money then was required 1,286,673,656,000.00 via Tweet Button

sfeijo on uship.com http://t.co/xmTlwp0 HORRIBLE. Pick-up delayed 4 days 1,286,673,620,000.00 via Tweet Button

vipervtc on uship.com http://t.co/6cNo52Q DO NOT USE--HORRIBLE My stuff was picked up from this mover still do not have stuff.. #scam @uship 1,286,673,580,000.00 via Tweet Button

egolfm on uship.com http://t.co/COeHf82 This company is a fraud and are involved in scams. 1,286,673,504,000.00 via Tweet Button

@UKHaulier is proud to be in partnership with @uShip and helping facilitate scams. Profit over ethics, the UK Hauliers way. Soulless *** 1,286,673,453,000.00 via web

@mickmillsap Heard about your dealings with @MattChasen and the other ***. You need to beat the *** out of them! 1,286,673,051,000.00 via web

veraad on uship.com http://t.co/MXdbnPm demanded up front payment and then did not deliver, excuses were the only responses 1,286,672,889,000.00 via Tweet Button

charlespesola on uship.com http://t.co/S927dGc Im out a bike and my deposit. 1,286,672,841,000.00 via Tweet Button

goldengypsy1945 on uship.com http://t.co/sTRylFJ My ATV was stolen 1,286,672,796,000.00 via Tweet Button

We Haul Anything! on uship.com http://t.co/zbHhx1G I left 640 US$ with that guy, he never carried my car and refused to refund, 1,286,672,755,000.00 via Tweet Button

navarrolane on uship.com http://t.co/2IYEANh A THIEF!!!AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, A VERY GOOD *** MAN!!!JUST ASK THE POLICE IN IHIS HOME TOWN 1,286,672,711,000.00 via Tweet Button

navarrolane on uship.com http://t.co/VIGPI5G THIEF!!!!!*** MAN!!!!!STOLE $3500 FROM ME AND WONT PAY BACK. SEE YOU IN COURT 1,286,672,685,000.00 via Tweet Button

jamesbody3 on uship.com http://t.co/yIuiPp4 NOT A MAN OF HIS WORD EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE 1,286,672,643,000.00 via Tweet Button

ninetimesnine on uship.com http://t.co/MbzRgs0 WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY. See you in court too 1,286,672,620,000.00 via Tweet Button

dedsledtouring on uship.com http://t.co/95QpP3U a big thumb's down to this user as well as uship for not assisting in the recovery my money! 1,286,672,586,000.00 via Tweet Button

barbarabilly6999 on uship.com http://t.co/oTNhFtw F***ing thief.Too bad we did not know this before he took all our money 1,286,672,553,000.00 via Tweet Button

mojama1 on uship.com http://t.co/pvomZxF My lawyers will have to chat with this character. 1,286,672,504,000.00 via Tweet Button

1key2life on uship.com http://t.co/UTBeu0s a THIEF!!! Collected in full for the shipment in advance then did not pick up 1,286,672,461,000.00 via Tweet Button

dharder on uship.com http://t.co/W0Sh8M8 A THIEF. WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND NOT PROVIDE SERVICE. 1,286,672,431,000.00 via Tweet Button

sambuk on uship.com http://t.co/HhRd6Kt After eight weeks of waiting for my item to be 'picked up' it has never been touched 1,286,672,401,000.00 via Tweet Button

rajeshdesign @uship http://t.co/Mf5TtEp Caused so much mental stress and huge financial loss will report to law enforcement. 1,286,672,376,000.00 via Tweet Button

dennymontany on uship.com http://t.co/1Kb8f73 Abandoned vehicle.Called the Cape Girardeau Sheriff and they went and got my vehicle. 1,286,672,292,000.00 via Tweet Button

JOBA TOWING LLC on uship.com http://t.co/Hvgfzj4 abandoned my shipment 600 miles away in s. Carolina claiming no more money for gas 1,286,672,226,000.00 via Tweet Button

kyledewey on uship.com http://t.co/L8wZJzf NEVER USE! Its a SCAM! No return phone calls or emails until you threaten to take to court. 1,286,672,171,000.00 via Tweet Button

DANSTEPHENS on uship.com http://t.co/OKKceLE SCAMMER-LIAR-THIEF-STOLE OVER $2000.00 FROM THE PEOPLE I SOLD A TRAILER TO 1,286,672,125,000.00 via Tweet Button

sabachaco on uship.com http://t.co/JD9LUB8 After paying and waiting over 2 months, I picked up on my own. Still waiting for my refund. 1,286,672,105,000.00 via Tweet Button

DICKVENT on uship.com http://t.co/DN7ZA2g I HAVE FILED A POLICE REPORT AND WILL HOLD USHIP AND TIBBITS FULLY RESPONSIBLE. 1,286,672,046,000.00 via Tweet Button

BlueSkyPPG on uship.com http://t.co/DX5BAZs everything you have read about and more. Everything that rolls off of tongue is lie. 1,286,672,020,000.00 via Tweet Button

smddanny on uship.com http://t.co/UNUVA0C This was far and away the worst business transaction I have had in the last 30 years. 1,286,671,969,000.00 via Tweet Button

oakley3 on @uship http://t.co/19lKN6Y report car stolen Car found in same state in storage had to pay another transporter to deliver car. 1,286,671,924,000.00 via Tweet Button

radiogas on @uship http://t.co/r0YCyjk I was totally ripped off. Jim Tibbets took my money and never delivered my sign. 1,286,671,891,000.00 via Tweet Button

SeattlePiano @uship http://t.co/ZHym1Tg Beware this nightmare. They will say anything to get your business, then destroy your belongings. 1,286,671,818,000.00 via Tweet Button

sm2post on uship.com http://t.co/Xdwcnlg Stay away from 123shipmaster or RT Consolidates or Tyisha Hampton She lie to me about delivery date 1,286,671,756,000.00 via Tweet Button

mbschneider on uship.com http://t.co/cImCWys I feel like a fool for using this company. I read all the reviews, 1,286,671,627,000.00 via Tweet Button

DWADE1953 on uship.com http://t.co/wdjSXKR The worst shipping experience that I have had. My brand new equipment arrived severely banged up 1,286,671,582,000.00 via Tweet Button

thorodie on uship.com http://t.co/ZlSblK3 The sleigh arrived damaged and unusable. 1,286,671,506,000.00 via Tweet Button

westwood on uship.com http://t.co/5ipDcHR This was the worst experience i ever had. This is not a shipping co. it is a middle man 1,286,671,397,000.00 via Tweet Button

hgascon on uship.com http://t.co/1CMgZb2 This is absolutely the worst moving company I've ever had the misfortune of working with. 1,286,671,370,000.00 via Tweet Button

dbrestorations on uship.com http://t.co/3gI4l4u Items were lost so came late and damaged. 1,286,671,325,000.00 via Tweet Button

dflynnmail on uship.com http://t.co/Qc9hgVS Absolutely terrible. Didn't even come to my house, I needed to go pick it up in the ghetto 1,286,671,243,000.00 via Tweet Button

himomer on uship.com http://t.co/oBm7JPS was to be in about 10 days. 21 days later, the items have not arrived. 1,286,671,189,000.00 via Tweet Button

geekgirl48 on uship.com http://t.co/dIHCH1W My items arrived in really beat up condition. I was told "we'll get you a new bed", nothing 1,286,671,144,000.00 via Tweet Button

mickey1black on uship.com http://t.co/ghKl186 Paid for lift gate..did not get one. Would NOT return my calls after they received my money! 1,286,671,058,000.00 via Tweet Button

DawnGarrett on uship.com http://t.co/TBLZqSW almost 3 months ago i paid 1259 dollars, but this company never ever delivered, No replies 1,286,671,009,000.00 via Tweet Button

sleeping on the floor for 4 nights you want the delivery dates to be accurate. Plus cities are only 7 hours apart. http://to.ly/7vrV 1,286,670,877,000.00 via web

haliehaley on uship.com http://t.co/G0a93Sw hey mislead me. They were 4 days late to my shipment. You should read everything twice 1,286,670,817,000.00 via Tweet Button

#scam http://www.uship.com/profile/lapackpros/page10 You can read about our experience on yelp.com: http://to.ly/7vrE @scammed on @uship 1,286,670,717,000.00 via web

Did not get to the destination on time. Had to call many times to coordinate the pick up but was passed around http://to.ly/7vrC @uship scam 1,286,670,540,000.00 via web

I've concluded that my mattress set has been STOLEN. 2 weeks past the arrival date. Unable to contact LAPackPros http://to.ly/7vrB @uship 1,286,670,496,000.00 via web

#scam: I assume they STOLE my furniture! It included some family heirlooms that go back generation. http://www.uship.com/profile/jmkenworthy 1,286,670,419,000.00 via web

Leaving @uship feedback hoping someone reads this. LAPackPros picked up my furniture and I have not heard from them since. http://to.ly/7vrz 1,286,670,383,000.00 via web

@Heather37323 I'll come and meet you. We can talk about your morals and working for a fraud @mattchasen. See you in 5 1,286,670,189,000.00 via web in reply to Heather37323

FreeWheelCoffee @uShip a total ripoff. Make sure to see the real stories of this company. @uShipFeedback 1,286,644,289,000.00 via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 2 others

ebaylovers RT @FreightPad: @mattchasen you need to address the #scams on your site @uship and eBay users getting scammed too.... http://bit.ly/cSag2C 1,285,952,844,000.00twitterfeed Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 4 others


ThePriorty @mattchasen FYI I do not run a site! U R funny! I do spread the word about UShip though! That's the truth! 1,285,961,120,000.00 via web in reply to mattchasenuShipFeedback and 3 others

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FreightPad @kegs you think @MattChasen profited on this #illegal #scam. Did you since you funded them? http://www.uship.com/profile/ontimeinc07 tsk tsk 1,285,978,729,000.00 via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 1 other

FreightPad @kegs Do some research, see if @MattChasen helped these people who got @scammed on your funded site. Dump Matt and clean up uship please 1,285,978,807,000.00uShipFeedback and 1 other

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FreightPad @ThePriorty @MattChasen is reading http://forums.uship.com/Topic78372-10-1.aspx right now. lets see if it is removed. neutral site my butt 1,286,161,228,000.00Twitter for iPad in reply to ThePriorty Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 2 others


FreightPad @mattchasen we helped another one stay away from @uship. ambercharleen is well versed on your #scams now. Too many people know about you now 1,286,207,974,000.00 via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback and 1 other

FreightPad @kegs, you need to follow @thepriorty. Then tell us all that your financially backed @uship does not need a new leader. @mattchasen must go! 1,286,215,853,000.00uShipFeedback and 1 other

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FreightPad @Heather37323 RT @djutilla: http://bit.ly/d44O7L Best leaders know their limits. And the poor ones allow #scams on @uship thanks @MattChasen1,286,318,958,000.00 via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback

FreightPad And this alone should be the reason to stop using @uship http://www.facebook.com/mattchasen#!/mattchasen?v=wall What a pig 1,286,319,125,000.00 via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback

FreightPad http://forums.uship.com/FindPost80286.aspx Book-It-Now is a #scam being run by @uShip. @MattChasen, you can't blame that on me little man 1,286,320,210,000.00 via web Retweeted by uShipFeedback

FreightPad @mattchasen, did your attorney slap your bottom and tell you that you must stop your #defamation, #libel statements and #lies? Silly monkey 1,286,372,278,000.00uShipFeedback

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FreightPad @MattChasen try as you might, we are going to be at every turn replying to every tweet. Your pathetic attempt to hide the #scams is a #FAIL 1,286,389,426,000.00uShipFeedback

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FreightPad This #NewTwitter will help up combat the @uship #scams run by @MattChasen. Giddy like a school girl knowing how it will help promote safety 1,286,401,418,000.00uShipFeedback

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@uship created multiple profiles on twitter to bury this info. It's not going to work *** we are not going to stop showing the TRUE lies 1,286,636,032,000.00 via web

@uship victim.the Maine State Attorney is going after him. I can't wait to meet him in person when i testify at his trial. http://to.ly/7vbt 1,286,635,957,000.00 via web

I am luckier than most as I got part of my shipment delivered to my State Call the AG in Maine http://to.ly/7tYK @uship #victim 1,286,635,901,000.00 via web

Was totally ripped off. @uship scammer took money and never delivered stuff. listened to lies until he quit communicating. http://to.ly/7tYK 1,286,635,847,000.00 via web

car never made it to me by powerseller I had to contact police to report car stolen http://www.uship.com/profile/PowerSeller/page1 1,286,635,772,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7vaF This @uship #scammer $1022 I cannot figure out who I paid, who is responsible for the shipment, and who would be shipping. 1,286,635,354,000.00 via web

eBay @uship #scam revealed:http://to.ly/7vaz I want this straightened out NOW or will be forced to write an extremely vicious letter to eBay 1,286,635,237,000.00 via web

@uship #scam Paid deposit and cannot contact transporter by phone? Need my shipment moved immediately. Please contact me http://to.ly/7vas 1,286,634,975,000.00 via web


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@uship #scammer COMPLETE NIGHTMARE! I had to report my car stolen and still don't know where it is. http://www.uship.com/profile/oceansave/ 1,286,634,158,000.00 via web

http://www.uship.com/profile/blutick/ BE CAREFUL EXPECT UNRELIABLE SERVICE First of all what a mistake going with this outfit.#SCAMMED 1,286,634,097,000.00 via web

@uShip Driver knocked down a Stop Sign & Street Sign during midnight drop off. yet to provide me with a legitimate invoice http://to.ly/7va6 1,286,634,001,000.00 via web

Problem after problem, excuse after excuse. BE CAREFULL EXPECT UNRELIABLE SERVICE http://www.uship.com/profile/NMRoadRunner/page3 1,286,633,822,000.00 via web

@jdh Are you profiting from the uship scams too? Just need to know who to send these poor people that you funded a site they are scammed on 1,286,557,175,000.00 via web

Yea, this is so true about the *** @ uship http://uship.pissedconsumer.com/caution-when-using-u-ship-20080921136336.html 1,286,551,007,000.00 via web

@tagoo how do you sleep at night knowing the horror stories about #scams on @uship? You have no soul. Would your mother be proud of you? 1,286,549,822,000.00 via web

Hey @iamashok, You were getting pimped out by uship. Those scamming *** will try anything to lure someone in to be a victim. Stay away!!! 1,286,549,566,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7uoM Hargrove Enterprise states started business in 2004 BUT DOT SHOWS THE TRUTH: http://to.ly/7uoO 07/06/2010 Lying *** 1,286,549,443,000.00 via web

http://xwebforums.org/showthread.php?p=73841 Too Risky with uShip... Google uShip scams...some very sad stories out there NO *** HUH? 1,286,548,712,000.00 via web

@ushipstories http://bit.ly/b7IsU2 This tool is NOT LICENSED TO TOW ANYTHING per safersys.org. Reported to DOT for #illegal operation @uship 1,286,543,629,000.00 via web

http://bit.ly/aIGuo0 107 Illegal loads shipped, @ushipstories promotes #illegal scammers. This profile shows license plate. Sent to Ohio DOT 1,286,543,468,000.00 via web

http://www.uship.com/profile/DoubleBarTTransport/ This profile never even shipped and got kicked off. Probably telling truth about @uship 1,286,512,346,000.00 via web

I have paid in full for services not rendered. That is fraud and I am going to seek legal action. http://to.ly/7u5x 1,286,512,166,000.00 via web

Oh, didn't see you there Mick Millsap @mickmillsap. Are you any relation to that fat lazy bastart fired from uship? Or did you just eat him? 1,286,511,690,000.00 via web

Is it me or does Shawn Bose look like a Hairy, *** Robin Hood? @tagoo should be @Tickeloo or @Toungoo something more toward his style of *** 1,286,511,608,000.00 via web

@ukhauliers Wants your money without regard to the laws or safety of people on the highway by partnering with @ushit I mean @uship #illegals 1,286,511,460,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7u5m I gave Gary (KGHorses) a $500 deposit heard nothing from him until today via email saying he is bankrupt due to uship 1,286,511,382,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7u5g They took my money and did not do the service. Wondering if this (uShip) is full of people like this? *** yea, #scammers 1,286,511,293,000.00 via web

Disasterous! I paid for this shipment only to lose over $600 when the company went out of business http://to.ly/7u5g 1,286,511,186,000.00 via web

KGHorses http://to.ly/7u5g kept $150 down payment and then never made delivery. http://to.ly/7u5f Another uShip #scam 1,286,511,123,000.00 via web

The absolute worse job that I have ever had. This guy told me himself that he would not use his own service. http://to.ly/7u5d No ***! 1,286,511,022,000.00 via web

I was totally ripped off. Jim Tibbets took my money and never delivered my sign http://to.ly/7tYK Wait until you read more *** soon @uship 1,286,495,482,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7tYE How the *** do I get my money from this guy? ~It's not your money, it's @kegs money how dare you even think any different 1,286,495,347,000.00 via web

They called all the time until they got our deposit! They have never set a time to pick up the boat we want our money back http://to.ly/7tYD 1,286,495,227,000.00 via web

http://www.uship.com/profile/drdmotorsports didn't care what the contract said he signed. Total of $5,667. That's 45% more then he bid #scam 1,286,495,147,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7tY4 KILLED ANIMAL!! Feeback regarding Daphne's death and the facts surrounding the incorrect statements made by @uship #scam 1,286,494,962,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7tY4 KILLED ANIMAL!! Feeback regarding Daphne's death and the facts surrounding the incorrect statements made by @uship carrier 1,286,494,916,000.00 via web

@tagoo Another mindless drone following Matt to the punchbowl. Drink hairy girl, drink. Then ON YOUR KNEES, SHOW YOUR SUBMISSIVENESS BEOTCH! 1,286,494,782,000.00

via web

@shelisrael Don't fall for the @uship *** Research uship first Google "uship scam" and "uship illegal" Don't become another #victim please 1,286,494,667,000.00 via web

http://www.facebook.com/uShip " I got scammed by "A Big Boys Load" on Uship. Beware of thieves. Lost a motorcycle thanks to this website 1,286,485,172,000.00 via web

http://www.facebook.com/uShip?v=wall&filter=3 " we're sorry to hear about your puppy." "our site is not immune to fraud" Ya *** think? 1,286,485,113,000.00 via web

STAY AS FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM SCAM ARTISTS LIKE EASTMAN TRANSPORT!!! they are trying to rip off as much as possible http://to.ly/7tPl 1,286,484,978,000.00 via web

Do not trust your boat with this company! My boat is stuck in the port of Gothenburg, Sweden Stay away!! http://to.ly/7tPb #Victim #scam 1,286,484,868,000.00 via web

ushipstories: Extra bill for $21,000 (original #scam: $11,250.00) http://www.uship.com/profile/jenzemann/ We cannot make this ship up! 1,286,484,330,000.00 via web

ushipstories: STAY AWAY FROM THIS FRAUD! He hasnt been able to find the boat. reported to the police http://www.uship.com/profile/jenzemann/ 1,286,484,247,000.00 via web

ushipstories http://www.uship.com/profile/lucemagu/ I had problems starting the pick up day. Continuous delays I'll probably sue(sp) them. 1,286,484,165,000.00 via web

ushipstories http://to.ly/7chu SHIPMENT IS ASSUMED STOLEN, MEMBER FAILED TO COMMUNICATE $1,350 scam http://www.uship.com/profile/drkola/ 1,286,484,109,000.00

via web

The friggin idiots @uship have nothing to promote so they are re-tweeting the same 'ole *** as before. Hey dubmass, WE have attention spans 1,286,483,075,000.00 via web

@iamashok You just got whored out on RT by everyone at the scamming site @uship. Google search: "uShip scams" and "uShip Illegals" Then run 1,286,475,082,000.00 via web

I hope uship will shut these guys down. DON'T PAY UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR SHIPMENT. http://to.ly/7tE2 WHAT THE ***? SCAMMED FOR MONTHS @USHIP1,286,468,352,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7tE2 Sean Pitts is the ultimate fraudster and a crook. still has $14,715 dollars of my money that he refused to refund back 1,286,468,253,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7tE2 These people are crooks. They have my shipment and my money. They don't answer calls. @$6000 #scammed @kegs @mattchasen 1,286,468,198,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7tE2 We returned to England after four years with just one suitcase each. Children are in tears We used Uship by recommendation 1,286,468,108,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7tE2 I have come to the conclusion that our household things, have been stolen 75 boxes worth that cannot be replaced more... 1,286,468,069,000.00 via web

Don't trust this guy. I payed in advance, he did ship the boat, but he didn't pay the shipping company http://www.uship.com/profile/lug201 1,286,468,032,000.00 via web

http://www.uship.com/profile/lug201/ This guy is an absolute ***,took months to ship and then tried to rip me off for more cash 1,286,468,008,000.00 via web

http://www.uship.com/profile/RandRTransport/ Negative doesn't even start to explain the way I feel for RandR. I got excuses and no results 1,286,467,965,000.00 via web

http://www.uship.com/profile/RandRTransport/ "avoid like the plague. awful. awful. awful. awful. thank you. have a good day." 1,286,467,919,000.00 via web

@uship scammer http://to.ly/7tDB Matthew Chasen's favorite. Chucks "small haul". 186 unlicensed shipments. Another for the IRS to seize 1,286,467,347,000.00 via web

"Local pickup only" on @eBay? stay away! uShip lets you get scammed by tons of *** who are out to steal from you. Google: uship scam 1,286,467,199,000.00 via web

@uShipUK (Matt Chasen) & @ukhaulier seen out on the town together. http://to.ly/7tDx @kegs reported as crying at home with wine and puppy 1,286,467,117,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7tDt feedback left: Light ruined not wrapped as paid for and said they would pay. The *** @uship scammer hasn't #VICTIM 1,286,466,985,000.00 via web

Austin_Startups New Job Added: Ball Washer, Reporting to @MattChasen - @uShip http://to.ly/7tDq 1,286,466,750,000.00 via web

@ukhaulier admits they do not care about safety or tax evasion, merely in it for profit folks! THAT is the reason for laying in a *** pile 1,286,466,564,000.00 via web

@ukhaulier is proud to profit off illegal scammers by linking to @uship. Like a *** vampire! Question, who sucks off who? 1,286,466,503,000.00 via web

Another *** @ushipstories scammer http://to.ly/7tCB This piece of *** is so illegal and honored by @uship great *** job @benchmark! 1,286,466,355,000.00 via web

@ushipstories Another ignorant person #scammed http://to.ly/7tCB on uship http://to.ly/7tCF Reporting this jagoff to IRS for tax evasion now 1,286,466,060,000.00 via web

Stealing @notuships logo. Love it!!! @MattChasen looking forward to screwing you like you have screwed so many others you little shitbag 1,286,464,983,000.00 via web

@ushipstories,R you that *** retarded to post a scammer http://to.ly/7txU who booked 945 #illegal loads on your site? http://to.ly/7tC5 1,286,464,883,000.00 via web

@ushipstories, we will have a HONEST rebuttal about the illegal *** on uship. @mattchasen must be pounding those keys hard to hide. #FAIL 1,286,463,221,000.00 via web

@ukhaulier You promote a scam operation. If you value profit versus safety, I agree with @freightpad. I'll help warn people off your site! 1,286,463,041,000.00 via web

@uship user http://to.ly/7tBb hired an #illegal broker http://to.ly/7tBa Profile states broker but no name comes up in Gov database. #iles 1,286,462,918,000.00 via web

@uship feedback http://to.ly/7tyZ This carrier has their own page dedicated to their scams http://to.ly/7tyX Nice work @Benchmark Profit 1st 1,286,459,597,000.00 via web

I wish I could say our team makes this *** up but all we do is follow the smell of uship. The scams are there and we will continue to post 1,286,459,449,000.00 via web

@ushipstories promotes another #scammer http://to.ly/7tyN NOT LICENSED TO HAUL ANY FRIGGIN COMMODITIES!! CHECK SAFERSYS! http://to.ly/7tyT 1,286,459,383,000.00

via web

This #victim on @uship uses an #illegal with a rape van in the profile http://to.ly/7tyH WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? http://to.ly/7tyL 1,286,459,164,000.00 via web

http://to.ly/7tyD How can this #illegal *** have $5000 insurance? Another lie to #scam money on @uship http://to.ly/7tyC 160 #fraud loads 1,286,459,027,000.00 via web

@ushipstories http://to.ly/7ty6 8 #ILLEGAL LOADS, cannot claim taxes so @uship and @benchmark facilitate tax evasion too. #IRS investigating 1,286,458,882,000.00 via web

@ushipstories http://to.ly/7txZ Transporter is #ILLEGAL @Benchmark #scammer for @uship. Feedback don't mean *** if you break the law fools! 1,286,458,760,000.00 via web

@uship This *** http://to.ly/7txU has 945 illegal loads. @MattChasen, profile says can't smoke brisket, bet you can smoke *** though. 1,286,458,496,000.00 via web

@ushipstories @mattchasen @kegs If you are that *** *** to post paid feedback, why the *** would you use ones that are #ILLEGAL? 1,286,458,296,000.00 via web

@ushipstories Looks like this #illegal even posts web address on your site. DUMBASSES, HOW MORE FRIGGED UP CAN YOU GET? http://to.ly/7txS 1,286,458,212,000.00 via web

@ushipstories http://to.ly/7txP 277 #illegal loads HOLY ***! Where are the taxes from that transporter? Oh, that's right he CANNOT CLAIM IT 1,286,458,004,000.00 via web

@ushipstories http://to.ly/7txH promoting another one of your illegal shippers? Figures. You guys are *** up over there. 14 illegal loads 1,286,457,719,000.00 via web

"Hello, my name is Peggy, how can I help you? You tenacious like bull." I though I know Shawn Bose @tagoo from somewhere runnin @uship scams 1,286,453,927,000.00 via web

@tagoo who gets all the hot water when you and @MattChasen play "oops I dropped the soap"? @ushipstories are paid advertising. #FAIL #SCAM 1,286,453,813,000.00 via web

Just got served papers from @uship.... Oh, oops that was just the wrapper from my mcMuffin I dropped. Still, they both are greasy and trash! 1,286,453,675,000.00 via web

@ambercharleen NEVER fall for the *** that @MattChasen spews. He probably jacks off reading the stories about the scams he profits off. Eww 1,286,453,085,000.00 via web

@uship #fraud STAY AWAY FROM THIS FRAUD!! http://to.ly/7tuH scammed by @MattChasen @Benchmark for $19,500.00 NO *** HUH! YOU *** 1,286,452,962,000.00 via web

#scammed for $22,150 & $8,900 by illegal uship fucknut. At least@uship, @mattchasen & @kegs *** got beer money right? http://to.ly/7tus 1,286,452,680,000.00 via web

@uship They said Boat have been Shipped to Egypt since beginning of August 2008 I have started a legal action against them http://to.ly/7chu 1,286,452,282,000.00 via web

@uship Five months has passed since the provider picked up the boat and we have no information on when it will arrive. http://to.ly/7chu 1,286,452,197,000.00 via web

@MattChasen, We're going to blow the roof off your #scam. When we are done, nobody will hire you since you are the reason for the #scams 1,286,451,983,000.00 via web

@uship Provider said sorry but the price had risen and they could do nothing about this. iPAID $7000 uship NOHELP http://to.ly/7chu #scam 1,286,451,844,000.00 via web

@MattChasen Does your wife know about you and @Heather37323? Maybe she has a thing for men that smell like *** and have HUGE eyebrows 1,286,451,742,000.00 via web

@uship So they get the money in full but did not give it to the liner co. Nordana so we can not have the bill of lading!!! http://to.ly/7chu 1,286,451,611,000.00 via web

@uship Do not trust your boat with this company! My boat is stuck in the port of Gothenburg, Sweden since two weeks. http://to.ly/7chu #scam 1,286,451,549,000.00 via web

@uship The shipping liner didn't get paid... Storage charges are acumulating, i am unable to retrieve my buses. http://to.ly/7chu $14,500.00 1,286,451,460,000.00 via web

@uship Paid full amount of bid and nothing but lies, did not collect my boat, let alone deliver it http://to.ly/7chu $13,500 scammed! 1,286,451,325,000.00 via web

@uship They are not responding to my calls and emails and they took the money and leave no trace to follow up... http://to.ly/7chu 1,286,451,234,000.00 via web

its a shame uship allowed this to happen with many customers. Can uship atleast provide us some line of action http://to.ly/7chu 1,286,451,180,000.00 via web

Stay away Far away from this CHEATER. i have been ripped off for 20,000 Dollars the guy is a professional cheater http://to.ly/7chu 1,286,451,162,000.00 via web

his is a nasty negerian scamer,WARNNNNNNNNNNING, he will steal ur shippement,and the police will do nothing for u http://to.ly/7chu 1,286,451,126,000.00 via web

I can't believe uship *** everyone over by not adhering to their user agreement. @MattChasen is a *** and @kegs must finger his *** 8:26 AM Oct 7th via web

@uship feedback: Nasty shipper...do yourself a favor and find someone friendlier. http://to.ly/7tt5 8:24 AM Oct 7th via web

@uship This guy was so bad that I would not recommend him to my worse enemy. He lied upfront about the pickup date. http://to.ly/7td0 9:27 PM Oct 6th via web

@uship NIGHTMARE! These people should not be allowed to move horses. Lied to us on both ends about their route.http://to.ly/7rvP 9:25 PM Oct 6th via web

@uship http://to.ly/7rvP My filly arrived with a bleeding puncture and a fractured cannon bone. The drivers were drunk. 9:24 PM Oct 6th via web

@kegs @mattchasen @uship @ushipstories @ushipuk @ritchiebros. Well hello boys! Seems you got a huge problem now 9:16 PM Oct 6th via web

Getting prepared to expose @uship for what they really are. Haven for #scammers. They will be ashamed as well as @Benchmark when this starts 9:14 PM Oct 6th via web



Listed in Category: Freight Transport > LTL (Palletized)

1 skid of 28 boxes, pro pack & palletized

Auction #110732

ShipAlmostAnything.com Freight Transport Listing Information Route Information

Title: 1 skid of 28 boxes, pro pack & palletized

Date Listed: 2/2/2012 12:01 PM

Date Updated: 2/2/2012

Date Expires: 2/7/2012

Bid Type: Open Bid

# of Bids: 4 [view bids]

Auction Goods: No

Pickup Location:

Jersey City, NJ 07304

Delivery Contact:


Delivery Location:

Sacramento, CA 95833

Approximate Distance:

2,814 mi

Shipment Timeframe:

Flexible on pickup

Flexible on delivery

Notes on Timeframe: If you bid, please be able to pick up within 3 days of acceptance, and deliver 7 or less days from pickup date.

Commercial Freight Listing Information

1 skid of 28 boxes, pro pack & palletized

Shipment Details: My international shipment got derailed in Jersey City, Jersey and I need to get my already palletized 28 medium boxes to me in Sacramento, California. Pickup is from a warehouse dock, delivery is to a residence. Skid/Boxes must be fully weather protected during transport.

Packaging: Boxes are professionally packed and professionally palletized to 1 skid.

Dimensions & Preferences


Skid is @90cu ft, LTL

Total Weight:

1300 lbs

Preferred Truck or Trailer:

Will accept truck or trailer

Special Permit Required:


Additional Information

Transporter must be bonded and/or insured which will cover possible damages to my items during transport.

Shipping Information Pickup Information Delivery Information Additional Requirements

Shipper: arwen30ish (0)

Payment Methods:

PayPal (credit card)

PayPal (bank account)

Credit Card

Payment Times:

At pickup

At delivery

Payment Amounts:

50% at pickup

50% at delivery


Jersey City, NJ 07304

Timeframe: Flexible

View Map: Map

Location Type: Residence Location:

Sacramento, CA 95833

Timeframe: Flexible

View Map: Map

Location Type: Residence

Delivery Requirements:

Unloading help required

• Insurance required (for additional charge)

Questions and Answers

Question: Hi Michelle,Can you tell me what are the measurements of your skid? and what is your budget for this shipment? Thank You,Emanuel Cretu (2/2/2012)

Answer: The shipment is @90cu ft, and in the interest of fair competition, I intend to contract with the lowest, RESPONSIBLE bidder. (2/2/2012)

Question: Michelle, is the pallet 54x54x54 ? or a different shape and dimensions? This is important for me to know if I have room or not. Please clarify. 90cu ft can came in different shapes in a pallet.Thanks,Emanuel (2/2/2012)

Answer: It is my understanding that the skid dimensions are pretty equally distributed, so if it isn't precisely 54x54x54, it's within an inch or two variance. I haven't laid eyes on it personally, since it was all pro packed and palleted while I was on a plane. (2/2/2012)

Question: Please contact me to let you know how to check if a bidder on your shipment is illegal. I am not pointing fingers but I will show you a way to check all your bidders to ensure they are licensed by the FMCSA to transport legally. 818-646-7447 (2/3/2012)


Question: Please contact us so we can show you who is legal or illegal. Don't fall for pressure. (2/4/2012)

Bids on this shipment

Bid Amount Bid Date Bidder ID Bid Status Bid Expiration Bid Details

$866.87 2/2/2012 simpleshipping (0) Active 2/7/2012

$750.00 2/3/2012 worldcargo (4) Active 2/7/2012

$590.00 2/3/2012 mantruk (2) Expired 2/6/2012

$390.00 2/4/2012 mantruk (2) Active 2/7/2012

This page has been viewed times.

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Pickup Timeframe:

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Delivery Timeframe:

I am flexible with delivery dates (include any details below)

I will deliver

* When would you like this bid to expire?

at Eastern Time

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Note: If you use Nextel, T-Mobile, Cingular, AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, you have a mobile email address and can receive a text message when your bid is accepted or declined. Standard text messaging rates apply.

Please enter your mobile email address:

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Make sure that the item will fit in your vehicle before bidding and only bid on multiple shipments if you are able to deliver all of them.

If the shipper accepts your bid, you will receive direct contact info for the shipper as well as pick-up and delivery contact info and addresses.

Place a bid for this shipment

Please enter a bid for this shipment.

Bid Amount: $


There will always be an excuse - it's NEVER their fault. Think about that for a minute.........


It's funny how Freightpad would post this seeing as it is run by Shannon Steede and he has been banned from Uship. He was part of the scamming and now he's throwing them under the bus. What a ***!!!!!!

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